The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute is your premier gateway for doing business with Israeli companies. Established and funded by the government and the private sector, IEICI’s expertise in technology and product scouting, joint ventures and strategic alliances with Israeli companies spans more than half a century.


The Digital media technology sector is dedicated to technology solutions that aim to fill the gap between consumer facing entities and the end consumer.

We are referring to technology solutions targeting media, broadcasting, retail, Advertising and Brands. These solutions span from personalization, new user experience, analytics, high quality streaming bots and so on.

In other words, the entire spectrum of interaction with the end client whether its visible to them or in the backstage of continuing to understand them and keeping ahead of the game.


Israeli technologies in this field are diverse and present capabilities from other fields, such as security, and adapting them to the commercial world. As in all technology areas, Israel excels in its creativity, agility and entrepreneurship. These characteristics are even more relevant in the ever changing and extremely dynamic media and consumer verticals.


With expertise in Israel's leading Industries, IEICI will provide the information you need to connect, negotiate and do business.

The Foreign Trade Administration at the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry is responsible for managing and directing the international trade policy of the State of Israel. The Administration’s main fields of activity include promotion of trade and exports, initiating and maintaining trade agreements, attracting and facilitating foreign investments and creating strategic cooperation with foreign companies.


Together with the Administration’s team located in Israel, we operate a network of more than 40 economic representatives around the world who serve as the operational arm of the Ministry in the global markets.

Israel NEWTech was established in 2006 under the leadership of the Ministry of Economy and Industry, with the participation of ten government ministries and official organizations. Israel NEWTech focuses on water and energy technologies and provides an infrastructure that encourages the development of technologies in this sector.

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The Water Security Division

The water security division was established Along with the establishment of the water authority, especially for preparing the water sector in efficiently managing water crises and ensuring constant drinking water supply in cases of emergency.

The division works on defining water risks and threats, as well as setting criteria for securing and shielding water sources by making them more resilient to the dynamical constant changes of risks and threats due to the rapid acceleration in technologies and means along with the rise of terror level all over the globe.

The division enforces and supervises operational concepts among national and local water suppliers, sets operational plans in resolving water crises, coordinates between different governmental offices, supervises water corporations, local and regional authorities and coordinates the activities of the water administration and serves as the operator and controller of water crises. The division also operates a national situation headquarter that assist and supply means and equipment for water distribution in times of national crises.

The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • The Foreign Ministry formulates, implements and presents the foreign policy of the Government of Israel.

  • It represents the state vis-a-vis foreign governments and international organizations, explains its positions and problems throughout the world, endeavors to promote its economic, cultural, and scientific relations, and fosters cooperation with developing countries. Israel currently maintains diplomatic relations with 162 countries. 

  • The Ministry promotes relations with Diaspora communities and safeguards the rights of Israeli citizens abroad. 

  • The Ministry discharges its diverse duties through its head office in Jerusalem and the Israeli missions abroad. 

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