AGM Communication & Control provides wireless communication and control solutions for distributed SCADA Networks since 1995.
Our clients include government and private infrastructure utilities in the following sectors: Water and Wastewater Oil & Gas Environmental Telemetry and Power Sub-Stations.

Ayyeka an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology company was founded in 2011 to simplify the process of delivering data from remote infrastructure and dispersed assets to decision makers.

IOSight is an innovator and a market leader in the field of infrastructure facility management. IOSight provides cost effective user friendly BI/data management and reporting solutions for medium-to-large water and energy infrastructure facilities reducing costs improving efficiency increasing productivity saving energy and delivering regulatory compliance.

Powercom is a market leader in smart metering solutions.  The company is engaged in developing manufacturing and marketing a complete smart metering solution for water electricity and gas utilities with a range of superior benefits provided by its unique and patented technology.

RealiteQ is the most advanced Smart Water Network solution available today. RealiteQ allow managing better crisis events by having Real-time warnings for exceptional events and the ability to Manage & Control remotely all system sites.

Smart algorithm for leakage detection (as small as 3 drops) and prevention (identifying small defects that would lead to a leak i.e. corrosion).
Innovation is in the correlation of pressure and flow (as well as other parameters). the software explains changes in one of the variables by the changes in the behavior of the others.

VBact develops next-generation real time automated monitoring systems for bacterial and ‎other microbial contaminations in water. VBact products line is called the “Scanner” and is ‎based on patented Direct Imaging technology coupled with advanced image processing ‎algorithms with big data analytics and liquid management techniques.

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