BwareIT- Israeli Startup that develops BrighTap IOT water meter sensor and WAD - Water consumption and quality* analytics data platform BrighTap is IOT water meter sensor can be attached to any standard water tap pipe hose or heating system and transforms them into a Smart device. 

Smart algorithm for leakage detection (as small as 3 drops) and prevention (identifying small defects that would lead to a leak i.e. corrosion).
Innovation is in the correlation of pressure and flow (as well as other parameters). the software explains changes in one of the variables by the changes in the behavior of the others.

VBact develops next-generation real time automated monitoring systems for bacterial and ‎other microbial contaminations in water. VBact products line is called the “Scanner” and is ‎based on patented Direct Imaging technology coupled with advanced image processing ‎algorithms with big data analytics and liquid management techniques.

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