Emergency Relief Equipment

AGM Communication & Control provides wireless communication and control solutions for distributed SCADA Networks since 1995.
Our clients include government and private infrastructure utilities in the following sectors: Water and Wastewater Oil & Gas Environmental Telemetry and Power Sub-Stations.

BwareIT- Israeli Startup that develops BrighTap IOT water meter sensor and WAD - Water consumption and quality* analytics data platform BrighTap is IOT water meter sensor can be attached to any standard water tap pipe hose or heating system and transforms them into a Smart device. 

EZPack® Water Ltd. develops manufactures and markets unique proprietary solutions for water storage distribution and mobility. The company products are aimed to markets such as emergency disaster relief construction and mining industry agriculture military home and outdoor and others. 

We are pleased to introduce you to our latest innovation GALMOBILE™ – the world`s first water purification vehicle!

Founded in 1988  is a member of the Azrieli Group – Israel’s largest real estate company.

Having the vast experience of nearly 30 years GES is one of the veteran companies in the field of  design construction and operation of innovative desalination  water and wastewater treatment plants worldwide

We offer solutions of Alternative Water Supply for water crisis resulted from natural disaster technical malfunction or terror act. We specialize in writing AWS complete costume-made plans training and guiding personnel on emergency procedures and operation room management.

Odis Filtering is a globally leading provider of water treatment solutions: - Drinking water treatment, including Desalination - Sanitary water treatment - Irrigation systems Our solutions are deployed in more than 50 countries and are used by multinational \ national \ regional and municipal companies.

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