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A.R.I.-Leading company Provides expertise in the planning development and implementation of advanced solutions for agriculture irrigation gardening water supply wastewater industry systems  and desalination plants protection from transient pressures entrapped air in pipelines and unmeasured non-revenue water.

AGM Communication & Control provides wireless communication and control solutions for distributed SCADA Networks since 1995.
Our clients include government and private infrastructure utilities in the following sectors: Water and Wastewater Oil & Gas Environmental Telemetry and Power Sub-Stations.

Amiad Water Systems is a world leader in water treatment and filtration solutions.


For over 50 years Amiad has devoted its passion and commitment to developing a comprehensive line of water filtration systems for protecting water applications in the industrial municipal irrigation ballast water Oil & Gas and domestic use segments. Every Amiad water filtration system is built for efficiency effectiveness and reliability and is backed by our commitment to excellence and dedication to customer service.

Aquallence - A global leader in the field of water disinfection and purification. Aquallence`s vision is to become a leading provider of Purification & Disinfection “ Water Firewall “  Technologies That guarantee safe water for people everywhere

Atlantium Technologies Ltd. established in 2003 provides ultraviolet (UV) based treatment for municipal water providers and water-intensive industries - power & energy heavy industry aquaculture shipping (ballast water) food & beverage dairy and pharmaceuticals.

Ayyeka an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology company was founded in 2011 to simplify the process of delivering data from remote infrastructure and dispersed assets to decision makers.

Ball-Tech Energy Ltd specializes in the developing production and marketing  of water`s eposits  treatment   solutions.

BioFishency develops and markets solutions to increase yield profitability and sustainability in land-based aquaculture. BioFishency’s first product line is based on its cost-effective easy-to-use water treatment system.

BwareIT- Israeli Startup that develops BrighTap IOT water meter sensor and WAD - Water consumption and quality* analytics data platform BrighTap is IOT water meter sensor can be attached to any standard water tap pipe hose or heating system and transforms them into a Smart device. 

Over 70 Dorot Control Valves started to pioneer in providing high quality solutions for Hydraulic Controlled Valves and Air Valves becoming today one of the world’s leading manufacturers and developers of sustainable technologies and products for water control and optimization systems.

Etaniv B.Y ltd based in Israel was founded in 2012 by Mr. Yakir Eytan to provide solutions for the Water and Environmental markets. The Company is focused in communal and municipal water and wastewater treatment markets.

EZPack® Water Ltd. develops manufactures and markets unique proprietary solutions for water storage distribution and mobility. The company products are aimed to markets such as emergency disaster relief construction and mining industry agriculture military home and outdoor and others. 

Fluence is a leading global provider of fast to deploy smart decentralized and packaged water and wastewater treatment solutions. 

We are pleased to introduce you to our latest innovation GALMOBILE™ – the world`s first water purification vehicle!

Founded in 1988  is a member of the Azrieli Group – Israel’s largest real estate company.

Having the vast experience of nearly 30 years GES is one of the veteran companies in the field of  design construction and operation of innovative desalination  water and wastewater treatment plants worldwide

We offer solutions of Alternative Water Supply for water crisis resulted from natural disaster technical malfunction or terror act. We specialize in writing AWS complete costume-made plans training and guiding personnel on emergency procedures and operation room management.

Indegy protects industrial control networks from cyber threats, malicious insiders and human errors, by providing visibility, control and security. 

IOSight is an innovator and a market leader in the field of infrastructure facility management. IOSight provides cost effective user friendly BI/data management and reporting solutions for medium-to-large water and energy infrastructure facilities reducing costs improving efficiency increasing productivity saving energy and delivering regulatory compliance.

Kim Valves started up as Hakohav Valves in 1963 by two young visionary engineers who set their goal to become a leading player in the global valves industry.

What started over 50 years ago in a small workshop has developed over the years to be a highly respected company with advanced modern manufacturing facilities and a worldwide reputation for having long lasting valves.

Krausz Industries develops designs and manufactures market-leading products for repairing and connecting different kinds of pipes for potable water and sewage. Krausz offers a broad range of solutions including standard products that range from 40mm to 1800mm and custom-made products according to customers’ needs.

Odis Filtering is a globally leading provider of water treatment solutions: - Drinking water treatment, including Desalination - Sanitary water treatment - Irrigation systems Our solutions are deployed in more than 50 countries and are used by multinational \ national \ regional and municipal companies.

P2W (Pollution to Water) sustain solutions for the mining industry:

P2W provides advanced industrial wastewater treatment systems where it is responsible for several state-of-the-art patented solutions that are proven to provide the full destruction of all forms of Cyanide Heavy Metals Arsenic and Sulphates Removal in ONE ONLINE INEGRATED SYSTEMS.

PLASSON provides a wide range of solutions for connecting PE pipe. PLASSON`s products can be found in municipal water distribution gas conveyance industrial fluids transfer and wastewater systems and mines in over 80 countries around the world.

Powercom is a market leader in smart metering solutions.  The company is engaged in developing manufacturing and marketing a complete smart metering solution for water electricity and gas utilities with a range of superior benefits provided by its unique and patented technology.

Raphael Valves Industries Ltd founded in 1949 part of Talis Group is A manufacturer of quality control valves. Since then RAPHAEL is leading the international market valve industry with its wide and innovative product range.

RealiteQ is the most advanced Smart Water Network solution available today. RealiteQ allow managing better crisis events by having Real-time warnings for exceptional events and the ability to Manage & Control remotely all system sites.

Smart algorithm for leakage detection (as small as 3 drops) and prevention (identifying small defects that would lead to a leak i.e. corrosion).
Innovation is in the correlation of pressure and flow (as well as other parameters). the software explains changes in one of the variables by the changes in the behavior of the others.

SynergyGPM is aWorldwide project management and Implementation Company. Custom-Made solutions are our Business.

SynergyGPM supplying advanced Water & Waste treatment technologies.

TAHAL Group is a leading global provider of sustainable infrastructure development projects in emerging markets worldwide. Operating in more than 30 countries TAHAL uniquely delivers integrated solutions across the fields of water wastewater agriculture solid waste and natural gas.

VBact develops next-generation real time automated monitoring systems for bacterial and ‎other microbial contaminations in water. VBact products line is called the “Scanner” and is ‎based on patented Direct Imaging technology coupled with advanced image processing ‎algorithms with big data analytics and liquid management techniques.

Watergen is an Israeli-based, award-winning developer of Water-from-air solutions. Our cutting-edge and patented technology provides a low cost, abundant and renewable source of fresh and clean drinking water by extracting it directly from the atmosphere. Watergen’s solution is a game changer that will improve quality of life and health, as well as save lives. 

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